YEP! is an engagement program that brings youth together in order to build life skills, self-confidence and provide each other with social support.

YEP! runs once a week over a period of six weeks. Each session focuses on different topics and skill building. Each youth is invited to participate in one round of six modules in groups of 6-8. Youth that attend all 6 modules will receive a certificate of participation.

The modules include:

1. My Brain and Me

​This session will focus on ​epilepsy and medical knowledge. Children will have the opportunity to participate in individual and group activities to promote self-reflection and to discuss common issues that participants have or will experience.

2. Keeping My Brain Healthy

This session helps youth recognize the importance of healthy behaviours and supports the development of positive attitudes towards their own health. This session will also focus on seizure management – when seizures are under control, it improves youths’ confidence and allows them to participate more in social activities!

3. All This Stress Is Stressing Me Out

This session discusses stress and anxiety, and how it can be debilitating for youths living with epilepsy. Stress and anxiety affects youths confidence and may limit their social interaction. Facilitators will help participants to recognize stressors, identify and develop coping skills, and strengthen communication skills.

4. I’m Done with you Stigma

This session focuses on debunking myths about epilepsy and strategies to reduce stigma in our community. This session also covers topics like driving and dating. This session aims to help youth feel more comfortable with their epilepsy.

5. Building a #PurpleNation

This session focuses primarily on team building and skills to develop and maintain healthy friendships. This is an important session because it focuses on strengthening the bond that the youth have built with one another.

​6. We are a Team​

This session will be a wrap-up and review. Youth will be encouraged to continue to implement all of the healthy habits they have built over the 6 weeks.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or call our office at 519-433-4073.

YEP! Brochure:

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