Workplace Support

Workplace Support

Our staff members are available to help you in your decision of how and when to disclose your epilepsy diagnosis to your employer. We can also offer customized workplace support to help your employer and colleagues learn more about seizures and how to make your workplace a seizure safe environment.

Click here for an employment and epilepsy strategy sheet.

Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario provides free epilepsy and seizure first aid presentations (commonly referred to as Seizures 101 presentations) to members of the community, workplace, healthcare organizations or other groups. Presentations range from general knowledge to epilepsy care and management; all presentations include seizure identification, epilepsy information and seizure first aid.

Format: Educational videos and PowerPoint with resource materials for each group.

Length: 45-60 minutes based on time allotted.

Required Tools: Presentations require access to a computer, speakers and a data projector.

Get Started by downloading the Epilepsy and Seizure First Aid Presentation Booking Form.

Location: Thames Valley and Erie – St. Clair Regions

Contact [email protected]

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