March Epilepsy Awareness Month

March is national Epilepsy Awareness Month! We encourage our community members to get involved in raising awareness about epilepsy, seizures and seizure first aid in as many ways as possible. Whether it is creating an event, joining a campaign, volunteering, or fundraising, there are many opportunities for anyone to get involved. If you, your loved one, your colleague, or your acquaintance has epilepsy, take this opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of everyone living with epilepsy.

One in 100 people have epilepsy, but many don't tell anyone their health status due to public misconceptions about the condition. Epilepsy Awareness Month is an excellent opportunity to begin a discussion about epilepsy, educate the public and break down the stigma epilepsy.

Please be sure to share your Epilepsy Awareness Month initiatives with us and our team. We encourage you to post photos and use #PurpleNation in your social media. Any photos can be sent to [email protected]

Get Involved!

Some ways you might participate:

  • Be an ‘Epilepsy Warrior’ and purchase a merchandise kit.
  • Have your classroom participate in our #PurpleDoor2020 campaign 
  • Encourage and register your classroom or school to participate in an awareness event.
  • Promote awareness at your workplace and register to receive a free awareness package.
  • Hold a Walk-a-thon, Read-a-thon, Dance-a-thon, or a Thumbs Up for Epilepsy Initiative. Download our pledge form here.
  • Organize a Purple Dress Down Day at your office, school, or local business. Everyone makes a donation to participate.
  • Collect pledges to dye your hair purple and join the #PurpleHairRevolution. Download our pledge form here.
  • Encourage your local sports team to incorporate purple into their uniform to show their support.
  • Participate in our #1in100 campaign.  Please download and print one of the Pdf documents that say “I have epilepsy and” or “Someone I care about has epilepsy and” then write on them, take a photo of yourself holding the sign and upload to social media with the hashtags #Iam1in100 (for people with epilepsy) and #1in100.


Interested in being part of the #purplenation? Many items are available for purchase. Limited sizes available, first come first serve.

Click here to learn more:

Become an 'Epilepsy Warrior' and purchase a kit to help promote Epilepsy Awareness in your community. For $40 you will receive two t-shirts, two pairs of sunglasses, two ribbons, two tattoos and agency materials ($45 value). Contact ESWO to find out how you can get your kit! 519-433-4073.

School Campaigns

We have a FREE package for teachers and students. The package includes bookmarks for each student and documents with epilepsy and seizure fun facts (that can be read on the announcements or in class), 2 Seizure First Aid Posters and 2 Epilepsy Awareness Month Posters. In order to participate you must contact your local Public Education Coordinator to order.

We are also encouraging classrooms to participate in our #PurpleDoor2020 Campaign. We invite teachers, parents, students and schools to raise epilepsy awareness in their school board. Submit a photo of your decorated classroom door between March 1st 2020 and March 31st 2020 and be entered in to win a PURPLE DOOR PARTY for your class. 

Workplace Campaigns

We are encouraging workplaces to participate in our #PurpleDoor2020 Campaign. We invite employers, employees and teams to raise epilepsy awareness in in the workplace. Submit a photo of your decorated office door between March 1st 2020 and March 31st 2020 and be entered in to win a PURPLE DOOR GIFT BASKET for your office. 

Client Stories

By creating awareness and education about a condition that affects so many of us, we can begin to provide support for our community members living with epilepsy. Thank you to our clients who shared their epilepsy journey with us.

Living with Epilepsy – Lexi Crowe

Living with Epilepsy – Stacey Maola

Living with Epilepsy – Kennedy McGurgin

Living with Epilepsy – Delilah Krahn

Living with Epilepsy – Dekson Thibert

Living with Epilepsy – Owen Phelps

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