Windsor Seize the Day 2019 Thank You

Windsor Seize the Day 2019 Thank You

Our Third Annual Seize the Day Event took place on Sunday, September 22, 2019, at the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex in LaSalle. It was a beautiful, sunny day with families and individuals joining us for a 5km run and 2.5km walk. The event also included community BBQ, kid’s craft area, Parkour, and door prizes. AM800 CKLW’s Kara Ro started off our event and Jaime Vanvelzen shared her story about how surgery for epilepsy has reduced her seizures and how she started and promotes “Thumbs Up for Epilepsy" to raise awareness in the community.

I want to say a huge thank you to our volunteers! Being new to ESWO, it truly warmed my heart to see such a passionate and dedicated community come together to create such a special event!

To those who made pledges and donated their time, thank you!

Shawn Wilkie for being our executive chef and grilling up an amazing BBQ feast as well as setting up and tearing down!

Joe Longmoore for personally acknowledging our sponsors and donors on behalf of ESWO and for being willing to support me in anything that I needed leading up to the event!

Terri Wilkie for setup and food sales for the event!

Shelley Regier for setup and food sales for the event!

Erin Pitre and the ladies from the YMCA at the John McGivney Centre for helping to run and organise our kid’s craft area!

Justin Cook and his team from Enbridge Gas for setting up our run course and setting up!

Eric from Reform of All Movement for organising our children’s Parkour area!

Liz Nehme for supplies, signs, setup, and selling tickets for the 2019 Superhero Takeover!

Marian Wilkie for donating delicious baked goods to our event!

Stacey and Sam Puddy for creating a beautiful “I’m Walking for…" display, bringing tents, and being such awesome team players!

Pam (and Joe) Longmoore, Jessica, Emmy, and Janet Longmoore for helping with registration and ticket sales!

Tracey, Abbey Daehn, Caitlin, and Tucker for helping with setup and tear down!

Melissa Robinet, Chelsea Etches, Josh Trameger for all of your hard work the day of!

Michelle Franklin, ESWO CEO, Scott Imeson, and Miss Galaxy Tecumseh for selling merchandise and setup!

Stan Wigle and Jamey Daehn for help with setting up and bringing ice and Local 444 coolers!

Again, I could not have done it without such amazing volunteers and I am truly blessed to work in partnership with such an amazing Windsor team! If I missed anyone in this list, please know that you were instrumental in making our run possible and again, I could not have done it without you!

On behalf of Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario, we would like to personally thank everyone for their contributions to our Third Annual Seize the Day Event in Windsor Essex.

Approximately 175 participants raised over $9,500 towards ESWO’s support and education programs in Windsor Essex. Thank you so much everyone for your hard work and dedication.

For next year, I would love to hear your feedback. Please consider sharing your thoughts [email protected]

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